Who said it: Vladimir Putin or Joseph Stalin?


Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin, two leaders who have left their mark forever in Russia’s history. Whether you are studying the history of this great country or looking at external news, it is impossible not to know anything about them.


Who said it: Vladimir Putin or Joseph Stalin?

Can you guess which leader is behind the following quotes?

Stalin is the mastermind behind the biggest tragedies in the history of the USSR: Holodomor, the collectivization and the elimination of any kind of opposition against his regime. On the other hand, these huge sacrifices have led to the industrial development of the USSR. Industrialization without which the USSR could not have won the war against Adolf Hitler. This legacy still raises disputes in today’s Russia.

Vladimir Putin, another equally controversial personality. A former KGB spy, he came to the forefront of Russian politics in 1999 when he became prime minister. Since then, Vladimir Putin has a hard word to say in the politics of Russia.

Like Stalin, Vladimir Putin wants to restore Russia’s lost glory in the world. And after the 2014 events in Ukraine, it is clear that the leader of the Kremlin is willing to do anything to achieve this goal. Only time can tell if he will be able to achieve this objective.

In order to understand the mentalities of these two leaders, we have prepared a quiz with the most important quotes from Stalin and Putin. Do you think you can match them with the right leader?



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