Tropico 5: How to gain independence


I Introduction

Obtaining independence in Tropico 5 is an important event during El Presidente’s campaigns.

In contrast to other games where the passing of time means advancing into another era, the situation is different in Tropico 5. Advancing from the colonial era to the World Wars era is conditioned by El Presidente’s success in the struggle against the colonial power that has appointed him.

If you want to find out how you can quickly obtain the island’s independence, watch this game guide.

II Governor mandate term limit

At the beginning of the game, you’re not a dictator, you’re just a governor appointed by the crown with a maximum term of five years. When this term ends, you are automatically kicked out and the game is over. One more reason to try to support the fight for independence.

Fortunately, you can extend this mandate if you fulfill missions that the colonial power assigns to you. Missions are like those below, many of them involving the construction of economic buildings or export of certain products considered important by the colonial power.Tropico 5, crown missions

tropico 5 crown rewardsTropico 5, how to extend mandateTropico 5, crown missions


If you complete these missions, the colonial power will reward you, one of the rewards is the possibility to extend your mandate by 6 or 12 months.

III Factions

In the colonial era, the island’s political landscape is dominated by two factions (royalists and revolutionaries). These factions are totally opposed ideologically.

The royalist faction has the majority at the beginning of the missions and as you probably guessed is the main adversary of independence. This faction is represented by Lord Oaksworth.Tropico 5 game guide 1

The revolutionaries’ representatives (this faction is led by a woman named Evita Vasquez) are numerically overwhelmed at the beginning of all missions. . Revolutionaries, represent the progressive and left elements of the island.Tropico 5

If you want to get independence for your island, the revolutionary faction must represent over 50% of the total population, only then you can go to the next step. But before we discuss how to increase the percentage of revolutionaries on the island, we need to learn how to consolidate the economy during the colonial era.

IV Building the economy

The first priority is to construct buildings that will bring you profits.

In the colonial era, you only have access to a single industrial building.

In order to get the necessary income for the island’s prosperity, you need to build ranches (cattle, goats, pigs or llamas), plantations (cocoa, sugar or tobacco) and when you research shovel technology try to build a mine or two.

Do not forget to search for a profitable trade route at the dock (left click on the building and click on the trade to open all possible trade routes).

In my opinion: 8 ranches, 8 plantations and 1 or two logs and one lumber mill should be enough for a stable income.

When you build the plantations try to focus strictly on the products that make profit (coffee, sugar, tobacco).

Also, do not forget to build another teamster office to transport farm and ranch production quickly to the dock. Building another dock is also beneficial if you want to find a better commercial deal.

V ResearchTropico 5 research tech tree

When you finished with the problem of income it’s time to deal with the research chapter. To access the search, click on the green chemistry icon at the bottom of the screen. In this way you will discover the tech tree in Tropico 5.

In order to discover the new technologies that will help you in the game, you need research points. Research points are generated by libraries, colleges, science labs and observatories.Tropico 5, building a library mission

In the colonial era, you can only build libraries. One would be sufficient, but to find the technologies faster, two libraries are enough.

In the colonial era, you must uncover the trigger technology so you can build military forts.

These military forts are essential in the fight for independence. Besides helping to increase the number of revolutionaries, these forts help to strengthen the armed forces on the island.

VI Obtaining  independence

Build 4-6 guard towers near ports to defend your island.

When support for the revolution is over 50%, Penultimo, your most loyal supporter, will tell you that now is the time for independence.

An exclamation mark, colored in red and yellow will appear above the palace. Before you click on it, build 3 forts.Tropico 5 exclamation mark

These forts will give you two extra infantry units ready for the fight.

Click on the sign above the palace and declare independence.Tropico 5, time for independence

Now it is the time for the great choice. The crown will not gladly receive this news and will present to you two options. The first is to buy your independence with $ 20,000. In my opinion this is a bad and useless option.

The second is the beginning of the battle against the soldiers that the colonial power will send to suppress your rebellion. This is, in my opinion, the best option.

Usually the forces of repression are in number of 3 infantry units that your forces can defeat without difficulty.Tropico 5 invasion

With the victory of your troops, your island advances into the world wars era.



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