Top 15 most intelligent people of all time


Intelligence is a defining feature of the human being, without which progress would not have been possible. It is difficult to quantify intelligence, which manifests itself in various ways, but the temptation to achieve hierarchies, even if they are relative, is great, especially for the contemporary people who reached a stage of knowledge unprecedented in history. Usually the unit of measurement used to make these hierarchies is the IQ (intelligent quotient). We present you Top 15 most intelligent people of all time:

15 William ShakespeareTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeWilliam Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Most biographers agree that Shakespeare would have attended school King’s New School in Stratford, where he studied classical languages and particularly Latin grammar. Between 1585-1592 he earned his living as an actor and writer. It is believed that Shakspere wrote his most important works during 1589-1613. He began his career as a writer with comedies and histories.

After 1600 he wrote mainly tragedies, ” Hamlet ”, ” King Lear ”, ” Othello ” and ” Macbeth ”, considered some of the most brilliant works in English.

His plays translated into almost all languages, it is now played more often than any other playwright. No wonder that Shakspere is considered the greatest English writer and dramatist of all time.

Estimated IQ 210

14 Nikola TeslaTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeBorn in 1856 in Serbia, Nikola Tesla’s experiments helped decisively to the development of AC and DC supply.

Not even 30 years old when he emigrated to the US at the urging of Charles Bechelore, an assistant of Thomas Edison. Once there, he was received by Edison cold and workshops hired as an electronics engineer in his company. Soon, Tesla revolt against the way patron conduct business and scientific research resigns and decides to work on his own. In 1900 a scientific article predicted the emergence of Internet.

IQ range from 160-310

13 Leonhard EulerTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeBorn in 1707 in the Swiss city of Basel. In 1723 he finishes his studies at the University of Basel. In his master’s thesis in philosophy, he compared and contrasted the philosophical ideas of René Descartes and Isaac Newton’s. Much of the scientific papers he published in St. Petersburg and Berlin. Euler worked and made important discoveries in almost all branches of mathematics.

Through the works he published, Euler introduced many notational conventions.

Estimated IQ: 180 and 200.

12 Galileo GalileiTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeGalileo Galilei was one of the most famous scholars of the Renaissance. Astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher and mathematician, Galileo has played a key role in the Scientific Revolution and remained in history for his conflict with the Roman Inquisition. Born in 1564, attended the courses of medicine at the University of Pisa, but then he discovered his passion for mathematics and philosophy. He was a professor of mathematics at the universities of Pisa and Padua. His work has helped improve certain theories about telescopes and astronomy. Because of support for Copernicanism, he came into conflict with the Catholic Church.

11 Carl Friedrich Gauss Top 15 most intelligent people of all timeConsidered one of the most influential mathematicians of all time, Carl Gauss through his work made an important contribution in all branches of mathematics.

Between 1795-1798 he studied at the prestigious University of Gottingen.

He was called “Princeps mathematicorum ” – the greatest mathematician of antiquity ‘

In 1809 Carl conducted research on celestial mechanics, called “Theory of motion of celestial bodies that revolve around the sun in conic sections”

Another invention of his is called tool, which is used in improving heliotrope- lighting for topographical observations.

Along with Weber studied magnetism, scientific research was concluded with three valuable works in 1832, 1839 and 1840.

Estimated IQ: 300

10 Thomas Young Top 15 most intelligent people of all timeThomas Young was an English physicist and a doctor, whose contributions in the fields of ophthalmology, light, and language have led to important discoveries in the fields of optics and human anatomy.

Young was the first scientist who said that the human eye can only see the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow and all other visible colors are combinations of the 4. It is now known that color vision is a more complex process, but Young’s work has built the foundation of the theory of color vision.

Also, Young managed to partially decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics ahead of Champollion.

Estimated IQ: 180 și 200

9 William James SidisTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeWilliam James Sidis (1898-1944) was an American wonder child with an IQ between 200 and 300 (according to various measurements). At age two he was able to read The New York Times. Also, he could write without problems at a typewriter in French and English. William Sidis is the one who inspired the famous film Good Will Hunting. At age 9 he was admitted to Harvard, but University representatives did not let him study there because of “his emotional immaturity”. Two years later he was readmitted to the university. Thus, at age 11 Sidis began to study at Harvard.

By the age of eight, he learned eight foreign languages (Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian), after which he created from scratch a new language, which he called Vendergood. Later, he would speak no more than 40 languages.

According to some sources, it seems that was the person with the highest IQ. Thus, it was considered the smartest man who ever lived, some estimates speak of an IQ around 250-300! Unfortunately, any trace measurement of IQ coefficient was lost in history. William Sidis died at age 46 because of a stroke.

8 Gottfried Leibniz Top 15 most intelligent people of all timeGottfried Leibniz was a German logician and philosopher known for the discovery of differential and integral calculus. In mathematics, Leibniz coined the term “function” (1694), which he used to describe an amount dependent on a curve. With Newton, Leibniz is considered the founder of modern calculus. In physics, Leibniz introduced the concept of “living force” (MV2) as a measure of motion (kinetic energy, as we call it today).

According to estimates, the German philosopher had an IQ between 182 and 205.

7 Nicolaus CopernicusTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeNicolaus Copernicus was a Polish mathematician and astronomer who developed the heliocentric theory of the solar system, that the sun and not the Earth is the center of our solar system. After working for 40 years, he has shown inconsistency geocentric theory of Ptolemy and thus exerted a strong impact on the mentality of the Middle Ages. Thus, Copernicus demonstrated that the Earth is a planet like all the others, giving a decisive blow to the mystical theories about the heavenly existence of a different world from the earthly world.

According to estimates, he had an IQ between 160 and 200.

6 Rudolf ClausiusTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeRudolf Clausius was a German physicist and mathematician known for the formulation of the second theory of thermodynamics. By reformulating, Sadi Carnot’s conclusions on the Carnot cycle, Clausius laid the foundations of the theory of heat. The most important work, published in 1850 in Annalen der Physik, describes how kinetic theory could explain thermal phenomena, work that led to the enunciation of the second principle of thermodynamics. In 1865 he introduced the notion of entropy, and in 1870 virial theorem.

He had an IQ between 190 and 205, according to various measurements.

5 James Maxwell Top 15 most intelligent people of all timeJames Maxwell was a Scottish physicist, author of a set of equations that describe the basic laws of electrical engineering. Depending on the measurements, Maxwell’s IQ was between 190 and 205.

James Maxwell is the one who laid the foundations of quantum theory and has been praised by many scientists including Einstein.

4 Isaac NewtonTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeIsaac Newton was a famous English scientist, alchemist, theologian, mystic, mathematician, physicist, and astronomer who was at the origin of scientific theories that have revolutionized science in the field of optics, mathematics, and mechanics in particular. In 1687 he published one of the most important works: Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica , in which he described the universal gravitation law and by studying the laws of motion of bodies, he created the foundations of classical mechanics.

Newton was the first to prove that the laws of nature governing the movement of both the Globe and other celestial bodies, sensing that orbits can be not only elliptical or hyperbolic and parabolic. He showed that white light is composed of monochromatic radiation light.

Between 1670 and 1672 Newton was more occupied with problems of optics and even built a telescope with reflection, which was presented in 1671 at the Royal Society. The telescope used today is introduced by Newton.

Newton had an IQ between 190 and 200.

3 Leonardo Da VinciTop 15 most intelligent people of all timePainter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer Leonardo da Vinci is often considered the biggest geniuses in the history of mankind. He is also considered one of the great innovators of painting and one of the greatest painters in history. Leonardo da Vinci is best known as a painter.

Leonardo da Vinci designed flying machines, a tank, a machine counted and more. He also made great discoveries in anatomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics, which, although not published, were applied thereafter definitely influencing scientific progress.

Leonardo Da Vinci had an IQ estimated to be between 180 and 220.

2 Albert Einstein Top 15 most intelligent people of all timeAlbert Einstein was a theoretical physicist born in Germany. He was the author of the theory of relativity and is considered one of the most brilliant scientists of mankind. In 1921 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics. Most of his contributions to physics are related to special relativity, electromagnetism mechanical joining, and the theory of general relativity which extended the principle of relativity uneven movement, developing a new theory of gravity.

The most famous formula of E = mc² Einstein is that quantify the available energy of matter. This formula is based on atomistic, the field of physics that studies nuclear energy.

He had an IQ between 205 and 225.

1 Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTop 15 most intelligent people of all timeJohann Goethe was a German poet and scientist, one of the most prominent personalities of world culture. Goethe founded chemistry and developed one of the earliest theories of evolution. Since he was young he loved literature. He could find many books in his father’s immense library which had 2000 volumes. He also was fascinated by theater, in his parents’ home puppet shows were held annually.

He had an IQ estimated to be between 210 and 225.








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