Top 10 weirdest concepts ever made by Audi


1 Audi Type KTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by Audi: Audi Type KAt the Berlin Motor Show, Audi (then the Auto Union), presented the Audi Type K Stromlinien Versuchswagen. A type Streamline car, which subsequently inspired many models with aerodynamic bodywork, including the famous Volkswagen Beetle, developed by Ferdinand Porsche.

2 Audi Asso di PiccheTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by Audi: Audi Asso di PicheAudi Asso di Picche is a concept developed by Karmann for Audi in 1973. With a design signed by Giugiaro, this model called Ace of Spades has not seen mass production, but was able to affect some historical models from Audi.

3 Audi QuartzTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by AudiAnother interesting concept dates from 1981 and is called Audi Quartz. The car’s aerodynamics was designed by Pininfarina and had one goal: to experience a new body design able to oppose minimum drag. This concept has been based on an Audi Quattro, have 4×4 and was fully functional.

4 Audi Quattro SpyderTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by AudiAudi Quattro Spyder dates from 1991 and is the car that, many years later, gave birth to a current model, the R8. A central motor car, 4×4, and aspect of an Italian car. Unfortunately, this car model has not entered into the mass production.

5 Audi RosemeyerTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by AudiAudi Rosemeyer, a concept in 2000, was equipped with a 700 hp engine and a central body that silver had only one goal: to pay homage to the famous Silver Arrows(the racing cars of the 1930s). Unfortunately, the car remained a simple concept, despite hundreds of orders from people who wanted the car in the personal collection.

6 ASFTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by AudiIn 1993, Audi presented the concept ASF. More precisely, the concept announcing the new A8, and the name came from the famous ASF aluminum body Audi Space Frame called. Interestingly this car Audi has made chrome, aluminum polishing fact, to emphasize the idea of using this lightweight metal.

7 Audi RSQTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by AudiAudi RSQ dates from 2004 and was a concept developed for the film I, Robot. The idea behind this prototype was on in the future when all cars will turn into aerodynamic spaceships.

8 Audi UrbanTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by AudiAudi Urban is a concept of the year 2011, is a car that goes to the extreme need for small cars, city. With the suspension of sight, with large wheels, the size of a Smart, the Audi Urban Concept had two seats and tested the people’s reaction to elegant urban cars. Unfortunately, the car remained only a concept.

9 Audi Avus Quattro Top 10 weirdest concepts ever made by Audi: Audi Avus QuattroAudi Avus Quattro made its appearance in 1991 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It had a 6.0-liter W12 engine and 501 horsepower, capable of reaching a top speed of 340 km / h. The funny part is that in 1991 there were no W12 engines that appeared only ten years later. And this concept presented was only a painted wooden model, instead of a real engine.

10 Audi NanukTop 10 weirdest concepts ever made by Audi: Audi Nanuk2013 Audi Nanuk wanted to try new territories. I mean to make an off-road supercar … Or rather, an off-road R8. The concept debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show and was equipped with a 544 hp V10 TDI, but was met with reluctance and any trace of desire to do such a prodigious perished from the face of the Audi …








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