Rush for Berlin: Soviet Campaign walkthrough

Are you interested in video games whose action takes place during the Second World War? You should try Rush for Berlin. In this game, the player has the option to choose between four major campaigns in the Second World War: Russian, German, Allies, and French. In this Rush for Berlin game walkthrough, I will cover the Soviet campaign. Why? Because I think it is the most important of the whole war. If you want to become a master in this game, this walkthrough might be useful:

General observations:

– best Soviet combat units: IS-2, recon cars and katyusha rocket launchers.

– most powerful Nazi weapons: howitzers, Jagdtigers and Panther V tanks.
– at the end of each mission you get medals depending on performance.
– the end-of-mission score is also performance-related.
-you can see the performance, looking at the top bar of the game during a mission.
– you are deprived of heavy artillery support in the struggle against the Nazis. To compensate for the lack of artillery, try to use recon cars and katyushas.

-do not launch an attack with a single type of unit. For example, an attack only with tanks has a good chance of failure.

-Rush for Berlin focuses more on tank and infantry battles. Aviation and artillery have a secondary role.

-In Rush for Berlin campaigns, frontal assaults is a good way to loose most of your troops, always try to find an alternative way. Try to flank the enemy troops.

1) Neutralize the German Howitzers
Optional Objectives:
1)Lead at least one tank throw the marshlands
-wait for the arrival of the armor at the beginning of the mission. This way both vehicles will survive at the end of the mission.
Secret objectives:
1)Destroy 4 German panzers.
- The panzers are along the trail on the frozen lake.
Fortunately, they are all blocked in ice and can be destroyed by infantry.
2)Forester Found
On the briefing part of the mission, select the political officer, medic, and soldiers and press the start button.
Rush for Berlin: The initial position of your troops.
The initial position of your troops.
 You start the mission on the eastern side of the map. You have 4 infantry units, a doctor and an officer, be careful not to lose them. Two T-34 tanks will join, but they will not be immediately under your command. If you want to get control, you need to complete the secondary goal. To guide the tanks, you must light the firewood to indicate the correct route.
Resistance at the beginning of the mission is minimal (4 German soldiers and two wolf packs).
Visit the southwestern village of the minimap to get the right route for your tanks.
Rush for Berlin mission one: Forester Found
Rush for Berlin mission one: Forester Found
There is an agent in the village who will give you the details. Immediately on the minimap, there will be yellow flashes with the correct locations for the tanks.
Now the difficult part of the mission begins. In the swamp, there are four blocked Germans and some German infantry units.
Rush for Berlin:First German panzer position
First German panzer position
 Do not attack them all at the same time. Try to attack them separately. And very important, make sure your doctor stays alive.
With the officer and the 4 infantry units, they quickly approach each panzer. Infantry units when near a tank start to use the mines to blow it up.
Rush for Berlin: Second german tank position
Second German tank position
 From my point of view, this goal is easy to reach and you can finish it before the main ones.
Complete the route to get the tanks. Unfortunately for me, only one tank will be able to pass well over this stage.
Rush for Berlin gameplay screenshot
T-34 under your command.
Now with your tank and infantry units, you can attack the German base. Its defense is weak (some units of infantry, 2 snipers and one officer).
To neutralize the Nazi Howitzers simply right click on them to attack them and your troops will do the rest. The mission will end when German artillery is completely destroyed. A cutscene will appear with the supply train to Leningrad.
1) Contact the partisan leader
2) Stop the train
3) Save at least two blast furnace
Optional Objectives:
1)Capture the artillery
Secret objective:
Save all blast furnaces
This is the initial position of your troops when you meet the partisan leader, you will get reinforcements.
Rush for Berlin: Sovier Campaign mission 2
The initial position of your troops in this mission
Your immediate goal is to stop the Germans, the train transport uranium so it's vital.
Rush for Berlin: Soviet Campaign mission 2
The position of the partisan leader
The road to the train is covered by two German bunkers and an outpost. You can attack them directly with your forces, the losses should be minimal. When you get into the base, a stopwatch will start. If you fail to finish your goal before time runs out, you lose your mission.
Once you have overcome this obstacle, go to the yellow spot to change the switch so the train does not leave.
Rush for Berlin Russian Campaign
Location of the train you need to stop
After you have changed the switch you have to act quickly, remove the German troops near the blasts and ensure their defense. The Germans will send five engineers to destroy them. You have to find them in time and eliminate them all before they reach the factories. If they manage to get near buildings they will put bombs and your mission will end with a defeat.
Do not leave any factory without defense.
Rush for Berlin: Blast Furnance mission
Blast Furnance location
 You need 2 infantry units at each factory and you can use the sniper successfully. Also, the T-34 tank, if still intact, can be used to detect saboteurs.
1) Destroy 50% of the enemy boats before they escape
2) Capture the bunkers in order to destroy more boats
Optional objectives:
1)Capture the Factory
2)Capture the Lighthouse
Secret objectives
Things now get complicated. Sevastopol is full of tanks, anti-tank guns, and traps for your armor.
You have at the beginning of the mission of 3 T-34 tanks and one SU-72. Use them with caution. If damaged, repair them with tractors.
Rush for Berlin, russian campaign, mission 3
Start your attack from this position
To begin with, conquer the bunkers indicated on the map with the letter B. Each bunker is guarded by tanks and German anti-tank weapons. Also, the bunkers are garrisoned, so you have to bomb them to force the Germans to evacuate them.
It's best to use a combination of infantry and tanks. Do not attack targets only with tanks, otherwise you risk losing them all.
When you conquer a bunker, order an infantry unit to enter it. Put a standard infantry unit in each bunker.
Rush for Berlin, bunker attacks
Attack the bunkers to eliminate the garrisons
 When you go to Goal 2, you'll understand why it's important.
Try not to destroy the German anti-tank guns, it's enough to eliminate the crew that manages them. The guns can be used to sink German ships.
Although you are told to conquer all bunkers, the Germans begin evacuation after you manage to capture only 3 of them. Fifty ships will try to escape.
Make sure you sink at least 25, otherwise the mission will end with a disaster.
Rush for Berlin: Soviet Campaign mission 3
Take position with the troop on the shores
If you placed the anti-tank guns and the tanks at the shore (near bunkers), the mission is as fulfilled.
If you want more firepower, you can capture the lighthouse for an artillery bombardment (located north of the bunkers)
1)Occupy the factory
2)Secure the bridge
Optional objectives:
1)Assist the partisans in defending the village
2)Take the railway station
Secret objectives
The big offensive that will drive the Nazis out of the USSR is about to begin. In this mission, you will be fully supported by Soviet tanks.
This mission is in most cases a large tank battle.
Rush for Berlin: Sword of Bagration mission
Sword of Bagration mission
Between your initial forces and the first objective are 3 Panzer V and 4 outpost tanks. Remove them quickly and occupy the base.
German Base in Rush for Berlin
First German Base: Capture it!
The factory will help you build more tanks. Best builds T 34-85. They are more effective in fighting Panzer V.
Although the occupation of the train station is optional, it would be good to complete this objective because the Germans get reinforcements through this route. If you manage to take up this position you will receive 3 IS-2 tanks, the best Soviet armor.
Helping the partisans is not mandatory, but if you want to help them send 4 standard infantry units and a tank, be careful not to leave the base without defense. If this optional goal is completed, partisans will offer support with a secret route of attack.
German Howitzer in Rush for Berlin
Eliminate this Howitzer
Now the difficult part of this mission begins, in the north, the Germans have a fortified line. Grounds in front of trenches, 2 Jagdtigers, and 2 Königstiger tanks stand in your way towards the final goal.
It is best to attack the line from the left flank, in my opinion, the defense is weaker here. Send sappers to destroy the anti-tank mines, otherwise, the losses will be great. After crossing the trenches, you need to remove fast the German artillery or they will wreak havoc on your troops.
If you see that German tanks are many, do not continue fighting at any cost, withdraw and repair your armor.
In the northwest is a factory under German control. Conquer it, and you've stopped the enemy's tank reinforcements.
Sword of Bagration mission final objective
Sword of Bagration mission final objective
After you take the factory, go with the tanks on the bridge and complete the final goal.
1)Destroy the King Tiger
2)Enter the German HQ
3)Stop the Abwehr spy before taking off
Optional Objectives:
1)Capture the Depot
Secret Objectives:
1)Panzer commander couldn’t escape
In this mission, you cannot produce new units so take care of what you have at the beginning.
Rush for Berlin: German KingTiger
German KingTiger location
The first objective, quite simple, is to destroy the German tank. Get close to it with the initial troops so you can attack with grenades.
Shortly the Red Army units will come into action.
Rush for Berlin: Belgrade Mission
Red Army and Partisans before the attack
 There is no time to lose, the Yugoslav partisans will attack the German positions, you have to help them destroy the Germans.
After you help the partisans, their troops will come under your control.
Your troops after the success of the first attack
The next objective is to capture the German HQ. Several German units guard this goal. It should not be a problem to conquer it because you do not have to deal with heavy weapons or a fortified enemy.
Garrison a unit inside the captured German HQ.
Rush for Berlin: German HQ
German HQ location in Belgrade
After that, you will be told that you have 4 minutes to get to the stadium to take care of the goal.
The stadium is west of the HQ. All you have to do is destroy the two 88 mm anti-tank guns to finish the mission.
Last objective in this mission
1)Occupy the enemy HQ.
2)Destroy the four howitzers.
Optional Objectives:
1)Capture the enemy factory.
-the enemy factory is located east of the HQ.
Secret objectives:
1)Both Barracks captured.
You start the mission with a factory headquarters and barracks. You also have 4,000 units of resources.
 Create a defensive line with tanks in front of the factory.
The location of the Soviet tank factory
 The Germans will not wait for your assault and they will start an attack on the factory. The protection of this unit is vital.
Do not forget the other positions. When your defense is ready, proceed to the next objective.
Your first goal is to quickly eliminate all German howitzers. As long as these cannons remain operational, all your assaults will suffer heavy losses.
It starts by removing the howitzer that is closest to your bases.
First German Howitzer position, now gone.
 You can quickly reach him through a swampy road to the east. You need 3 tanks, snipers, 3 standard infantry units, and a few physicians. The first cannon is the weakest of all (2-3 tanks and infantry units + a barracks).
You can also use a recon to supervise the field before the attack and use the air strikes to weaken the enemy.
Location of the third German Howitzer
After you've destroyed the first enemy cannon, build more Katyusha rocket launchers 2,3 recon cars and 4 IS-2 tanks. With these forces go south to the second howitzer. The second cannon is defended by a Panzer Maus and a Tiger. With the tanks try to lure them, and eliminate them from a safe distance with Katyushas. Do not forget to avoid the shells from the howitzers when you do that.
The third cannon is near a hill, it should be lightly defended. To destroy the last cannon, send a recon car over the bridge and use air strike to destroy the 88mm cannon that blocks the road. You can send another recon to the cannon and call an airstrike.
The German headquarters is located on the southwest side of the map.
Rush for Berlin: Seelow Heights mission
German HQ location in this mission
 The road to this goal is blocked by minefields, German tanks (Tigers, Panther V) and 88mm anti-tank guns. Also, the entrance to the headquarters is within the reach of one of the howitzers.
A frontal assault is not an option, so the best solution is to eliminate the German artillery first.
Near the headquarters is a German tanks factory that you have to conquer to stop German reinforcements.
The location of the Nazi tank factory(main objective)
The location of the Nazi tank factory(main objective)
1) Secure the Brandenburg Gate
Optional Objectives:
1)Clear the defenses around both Flak Towers
-although this objective is optional is best to complete it. If you manage, the Soviet aviation is going to support you with airstrikes.
 2)Neutralize the German Tank Ace.
-the German tank commander is in a Panzer Maus. Your best chance is to destroy it with Katyushas.
The last battle against Hitler is about to begin. You have at the beginning of this 4,000 units resource, but you cannot call for reinforcements. Take good care of the tanks you have, because in the first stages of the mission you cannot replace them.
First of all, garrison the two Katyushas, these rocket launchers will prove decisive in this mission.
Rush for Berlin: Soviet Campaign final mission
Initial Soviet Forces in Berlin mission
The Germans have fortified the whole city, each street is a trap for the tanks. Therefore, the frontal assaults in any situation are a bad idea.
Adopt the following strategy. With two IS-2s and a T-34 testing the ground, rocket launchers should track them. When you get in touch with the enemy, he orders the tanks to withdraw for repair. Because the launchers have a larger range of action, they will bomb the targets from a distance without being exposed to enemy fire. When you finish the bombardment, order you rocket launchers to withdraw for resupply.
You need to repeat this process at every corner of the street so the losses are minimal.
Best strategy for this mission
Use this strategy to eliminate the defense around the first Flak Tower (west of your troop's initial position).
Rush for Berlin: First Flak tower location
First Flak Tower Location
 Two, three armored and two 88 mm cannons defend this position. When you eliminate all the defenders around the flak tower a cutscene will appear, and the German defenders inside the Flak Tower are neutralized.
Assemble your troops on the channel near the canal before attacking the target.
Assemble the troop here
Headed north with your troops to a depot under German troops, if you conquer it, you will receive reinforcements (1 reckon car and 3 Katyushas).
Capture this depot for more reinforcements
The German army is defending this position with 2 howitzers, 2 anti-tank guns, and 3 panzers.
Soviet reinforcements
 It uses the same strategy as the Flak Tower, it is best to attack this position from the west.
With the elimination of the Nazis in this sector, it is now starting the harder stage in the mission.
Cross the canal using the middle bridge and use the strategy I recommended.
Cross this bridge
If you neutralized the first Flak Tower, the Soviet airplanes certainly bombed the German units guarding the bridge. Quickly cross the bridge with tanks, rocket launchers and truck repairs and head southwest.
If you look more closely in this area, the Nazis have a tanks factory.
Rush for Berlin: German tank factory
Capture this factory and use it to produce more tanks
 As long as the factory is under enemy control, Tiger tanks will continue to harass your troops.
It is best to conquer it and the resources you will have to build as many T-34 tanks. Use the reinforcements to destroy the German defense around the last Flak Tower. The Germans will thus be deprived of anti-air defenses.
The position of the second Flak Tower
The position of the second Flak Tower
You have one goal to conquer: the Brandenburg Gate. You have to take two deposits to complete the mission. The two warehouses are defended with the most formidable Nazi tanks.
Three Jagdtiger tanks destroyers are in front of the Brandenburg gate itself.
Advance with your troops here
In a damaged building located nearby there are 3 Tiger II (Königstiger) tanks.
Rush for Berlin, Soviet campaign final mission
The last German location you need to capture.
The Nazis also have a Sturmtiger and a Hertzel.If you have been cautious so far, you can use Katyushas to remove them from a safe distance.
If you lost the rocket launchers, use T-34 tanks to neutralize the last German resistance. The losses will probably be higher but you will succeed.

When you're done, take the two depots.
Mission accomplished!









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