I. General observations:

Robin Hood Defender of the Crown is an expansion of the first Defender of the Crown game.

The most important change in this game is that this time the main character is the famous outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor.

– Most moves in the game are done by clicking on images with the main characters at the top of the screen. For example, if you want to organize raids, you have to click on the figure of Robin Hood.

– in order to win all the battles, you need armies. To recruit new soldiers you need money.

– there are two ways to earn money: sword fighting and archery raid, each of these missions have different goals and rewards.

– Throughout the game, you will learn more about these two missions.

– in sword fighting, you must attack the enemy with the sword. To do this, left mouse click multiple times to attack. To defend yourself from any soldier’s retaliation, right click on the mouse.

– also at the end of each turn, you get extra money. Total revenue at the end of each turn depends on the number of territories you control. The more territories you occupy, the higher your income.

– To recruit new soldiers in the army, click on Little John’s figure to open a new menu and click on recruit forces, then click on a province to recruit soldiers.

– Your forces in this game are divided between the campaign army and the county garrisons. You can only use the campaign army to attack other enemy provinces. To defend the provinces you conquer, you must recruit soldiers and garrison the newly conquered territories.

-in the campaign, for England, your armies will have the following units: footman, knights, catapults, archers, and peasants.

– The ideal composition of your campaign army would be the following: 200 archers, 100 knights, and 150 peasants.

– price for each type of soldier is:

peasants: 1 pound

archers: 4 pounds

footman: 5 pounds

knights: 15 pounds

catapults: 25 pounds

– on the battlefield, attack the enemy cavalry with archers, then order the knights and peasants to attack the center of the enemy armies.

– As you advance in the campaign, you have to get rid of the villains in England: Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisborne and Prince John. If you want to progress in your campaign, you have to win each duel.

– very important: before conquering Prince John’s castle, do not forget to pay the 10000 pounds reward for King Richard’s release, otherwise the end of the game will not be a happy one.

– The more money you give to the king’s release, the more soldiers will join your cause.

For example: If you have reached half the reward, 50 knights will join your army.

II. The main characters in Robin Hood Defender of the Crown:

Good guys:

1. Robin Hood

We all know who Robin Hood is. The great outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor. As the name of the game says, he is the main character. Robin is responsible for organizing raids against enemy castles and caravans. Basically, the big outlaw is responsible for a big part of the necessary revenue for your campaign.

2. Maid Marian

Robin Hood’s sweetheart. Respected at the Courts of Lords and therefore having an important influence. Its main skill is to spy castles and other enemy provinces to reveal the number of stationed troops.

3. Little John

Robin Hood’s best friend. Little John is funny and good at conversation. In this game, John is responsible for recruiting soldiers and is the leader of the campaign army. Basically, he is the commander of Robin’s troops and the chief responsible for the siege of enemy fortifications.

4. Wilfried of Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe is one of Maid Marian’s most important contacts, he will show you the kingdom and being the only knight he can participate in tournaments. If you win a jousting, you can easily take a province and receive a sum of money.

5. Friar Tuck

Friar Tuck appears from time to time to offer advice to Robin and his family. He is also in charge of collecting money for Richard the Lionheart’s reward.

6. Will Scarlet

Robin’s nephew, he’s exactly the opposite. Cruel and eager for revenge, but his importance in the story is minor. He appears only for plot advance.

Bad guys:

1. The Sheriff of Nottingham

Robin Hood’s first big opponent, Sheriff sees Robin as a real obstacle to his plans and does not hesitate to challenge him on every occasion. After losing control of Nottingham he will challenge Robin to a decisive duel.

2. Guy of Gisborne

An assassin hired by Prince John to catch Robin Hood. Rebellious against enemies and allies. He does not know what loyalty is. He does not have a decisive role in the game and appears only for plot advance.

3. Prince John

Richard Lionheart’s brother and the usurper of the throne of England. He is the main responsible for the civil war. The leader of the strongest faction in the game, his armies are marked with purple. His castle is in Cornwall.

III. Robin Hood Defender of the Crown: Sherwood forest campaign

Sherwood Forest campaign is more of a training camp, here you will learn the basics of this game.

On the left side of the map, marked green is the hiding place of Robin Hood and his outlaws. On the right side, marked with purple, is the base of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The campaign starts with a dialogue between Sheriff and the uncomfortable merchant you robbed. The Sheriff manages to raise an army and wants at any cost to reach your hiding place to conquer it. Your objective is to stop him.

In the first two laps of the campaign, you can only select Robin Hood (the only character available). With his help, you can organize two raids against the Sheriff’s caravans or even against the main base.

A successful raid on the enemy’s base can bring you between 100-150 pounds.

If you want to respect the legend of the master of archers and believe you have a good target, you can attack two caravans, the winnings would be similar.

In the third turn of this campaign, you will meet Little John, one of Robin’s best friends. He will also be the commander of your troops. He is responsible for everything regarding troops, from recruiting to attacks on armies and enemy castles. As you probably guessed, you need money to recruit soldiers.

As you progress in the game, more and more units will become available. In the Sherwood Forest campaign, two units will be available: peasants and archers. Try to recruit at least 200 archers and 150 peasants in the campaign army before the last attack on Sheriff’s base in Nottingham.

When you get control of your troops, Sheriff’s troops are right next to your hiding place. If Sheriff conquers your base, the game will end with your defeat. Do not waste your time! Recruit the required soldiers and launch the attack and route the Sheriff’s soldiers.

Conquer the bridge region and fortify the garrison with additional troops.

In order to make money, you have to organize several raids with Robin Hood against the base and caravans.

This stage of the game will end when your army will march victoriously against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

A short video will appear where you and the heiress celebrate the great victory.

The victory in Sherwood Forest campaign does not mean the end of the game, Maid Marian has an important mission for you. England is in a civil war because of Prince John’s actions. Maid Marian wants you to save the country by ending the civil war between the barons and Prince John and by rescuing King Richard.

IV. Robin Hood Defender of the Crown: England campaign

Your initial position in this campaign will always be in Nottingham (North East England). You are exactly at the intersection of the castles of four lords.

Lords locations will change every time you start another campaign.

In the path of your victory against Prince John, there are four rebels lords who have the same goal as you (to get to Prince John’s castle in Cornwall).

Remember now, if an enemy lord conquers John’s castle before your armies, your mission will end with a great defeat. Do not rush to conquer John’s castle in Cornwall. For the entire campaign to end successfully, you must pay the 10000 pounds reward for King Richard the Lion. Friar Tuck will occasionally appear, click on his character to pay the reward. Try to pay as much as you can. Remember that you will also need funds for castles and armies. When you have paid all the rewards, then you can try to siege Prince John’s castle.

In this campaign, there is no diplomacy or another way to defeat enemy lords.

The castle of an enemy lord lies north of your initial position, two lords are in the South or South East, and another lord is in the West. The Lord of the South is closest to Prince John’s castle, but do not worry because John is at the beginning of the game the most powerful opponent in England and can successfully defend against the initial attacks.

There are three strategies you can use to conquer England successfully:

a) Defensive Campaign

Conquer Yorkshire and collect as much money as you can to build a fortress and recruit soldiers to put them in the garrison.

With Robin Hood’s help, he organizes raids against the enemy castles for money. Try to get control of the northern provinces.

To obtain the total control of the North you need to eliminate the baron from the northern castle.

When you manage to obtain control of catapults, do not waste your time and order Little John to attack the castle.

A tutorial will tell you what a siege requires.

Once you have gained control of the north you will have a safe source of income.

To assure the total security of the North, you need to build as many fortresses in key provinces and put garrisons in them. Castles discourage attacks by enemy armies and in case the enemy decides to attack, however, garrisons in the fortress will cause the opponent big losses. The enemy army weakened by siege can easily be defeated by your campaign army.

When you have finished controlling the North, you have two options: either march with your troops westward to the second lord, or you can head against the two lords of the south and destroy them.

Both options have their advantages. If you head west you are dealing with one force and it will be easier later in the campaign. As you deal with the West Lord, Prince John and the other lords will attack each other.

Also, if you want to stop the lords of the South from reaching Prince John, you can direct your forces directly against them. Usually, the Lord in the West is not a serious threat and can easily be conquered.

It is best to eliminate all the enemy lords on the map to keep the battle between your forces and those of John.

From here you know what you need to do, conquer the Cornwall castle to finish the game.

b) Offensive campaign

If you’re a fan of blitzkrieg campaigns, you can try this strategy.

For starters, however, do not forget to fortify your initial base. Organize 3 raids against enemy castles to make money for a larger campaign army. Try to reach 200 archers, 120 knights, and 150 peasants.

Your army’s route should be similar to your defensive campaign. You conquer the north, but this time you do not have to join the fortress construction.

The essence of this strategy is the old saying, “The best defense is the attack.” For every offensive action of the enemy, you must respond with counter-attack to defend your territories. The idea is not to let a baron’s army occupy a lot of territory without resistance.

Also, if you’re the kind of commander who wants a lightning campaign, you’d better go straight with your armies directly to the castles of the barons and conquer them quickly. Unfortunately, you can not do this from the first laps, because you do not have the ability to recruit catapults, but when you get control of the siege machines, do not hesitate to siege all the enemy forces.

With the collapse of a castle, the baron’s armies disappear instantly, the enemy force being thus removed from the action.

This strategy can be successful in short-term, in the long run, when Prince John takes control of a fleet and can organize surprise attacks on provincial ports, it is good to build castles in the provinces threatened by such attacks, otherwise, the situation may get out of control.

c) Mixed Strategy

You have to use a little from the strategies outlined above. It is important to know when to defend yourself and when to attack. Prudence is the key to this strategy.

Attack when you know you can get maximum benefits and defend where you see the danger is greatest.

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