42 illegal photos from North Korea you need to see

North Korea is once again the main subject of discussion on the stage of international relations amid disputes with the US.

In the past two weeks, North Korea threatened the US with a nuclear war, tried to launch a missile test (April 15), held a military parade in which it presented a new arsenal of war and said it would do a new nuclear test, which would be the sixth in the past 10 years.

This suggests that the tensions between the US and North Korea are not just a consequence of the attitude of Donald Trump. North Korea, even if it does not yet have ballistic missiles that can hit the US anytime, proves they have the technology and are closer than ever to this goal through ballistic tests. Also, the pace of nuclear bomb construction is higher than ever.

The attitude and lack of an appropriate strategy from Donald Trump may trigger a full-scale nuclear war. Regardless of the leader in the White House, North Korea is now a serious threat that must be dealt with.

To understand better the opponent that the US faces is important to know something about the North Korean people led since the early 50 by Kim dynasty. As you know, North Korea is probably the most closed country in the world as a result of the censorship imposed by the totalitarian regime.

The photos that illustrate the living conditions in this country are therefore rare. The very attempt to take pictures is a true act of heroism. Photographs that are caught by authorities that do this in the best situation are choosing to destroy pictures. Others have done years in prison. But some photographers did the impossible.

Because of their courage, the world can see the true North Korea face, one that is not covered by the propaganda of the Pyongyang regime. From these photos, we see how far North Korea is from the civilized world and how backward are the people currently led by Kim Jong-Un. Let’s look together at these photos from North Korea:


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