Men of War – German campaign walkthrough: Desert Stronghold mission



  1. Destroy antitank hedgehogs blocking the way for our vehicles.
  2. Neutralise the first line of defense and secure the way for sappers.
  3. Dig in beyond the tank ditch.
  4. Destroy the enemy positions along the road.
  5. Position the howitzers on the shore to protect the harbor
  6. Sink the enemy transport
  7. Sink the enemy battleship
  8. Eliminate the forts’ Garrison
  9. Bring five soldiers to the underpass entrance
  10. Secure the fuel depot
  11. Ensure the safety of the fuel depot

Game walkthrough:

In this mission, the German troops will attack the famous Tobruk city. You will lead the main assault.

You start the mission with a single infantry squad (6 soldiers). Your first objective is to blow up the three red-marked anti-tank obstacles in order to open the road for your Panzers into the city.

For the destruction of anti-tank obstacles, use the anti-tank grenades. Your soldiers are equipped with them.

It seems that after the antitank obstacles there is a mined field, the commander can not send engineers to deactivate the minefield because they risk being attacked by the British machine-gunners. With the soldiers you have at your disposal, you need to eliminate the first enemy line of defense. The British defense line consists of 4 machine guns. It is enough to destroy 3 of them in order to open the way for engineers to disable the mines.

When engineers turn off the minefield, 4 German Panzers will join the assault and they will be under your command. Take great care not to lose them. Minimal tank losses in this mission help you achieve a secondary goal.

When your Panzers had crossed the trenches, the more difficult part of the mission now begins. The city is full of antitank artillery that can cause serious losses.,

Order your infantry to attack the British troops on the right flank and try to eliminate as many enemy troops from this place.

With the tanks, try to get to the center of the city. Eventually, try to use forces from the right flank in order to support the center advance.

In the northern part of the city, the English possess two long-range field cannons. Do not try to destroy them with your Panzers. Try to use Stuka dive bombers to destroy them without losses, from 2-3 attempts the Stukas can destroy all English howitzers and your forces can safely advance to the shore.

Near the howitzers, there are 4 Matilda and Valentine tanks. Your tanks have longer range and better firepower so try to destroy them from a good distance without any unnecessary casualties.

Now the most difficult part of this mission begins. More specifically, you must block the entry of the English ships who will try to reinforce the enemy garrison in Tobruk.

You will receive 2 sFH 18 howitzers, recruit one or two before the option disappears and place them next to the beach in order to sink the British ships as fast as possible.

In order to sink an English ship with reinforcements, it must be hit at least 4 times. Do not forget! Every English ship that manages to pass through your cannons helps the English to rebuild their forces for a new counter-attack. To sink a ship, select all the cannons and left click on the transport ship to bombard it.

While you’re trying to sink the enemy transports with the howitzers, the English are launching a counter-attack with tanks and soldiers they have. Try to use the tanks you control (in theory 4 if you have no losses) to prevent British advancement.

When you succeed in sinking at least three transports with English reinforcements and a battleship, a German officer will report that English ships are starting to avoid the Tobruk harbor.

Now is the time to assault the enemy forces located west of your position. British troops are now in defensive and try to defend their stronghold.

The fort is equipped with machine guns, mortars, and some English tanks. Soon, 2 howitzers will join the British troops to help them defend the fort.

Now, quickly tow your guns toward the square and use them to take out the British howitzers.

You need to neutralize British guns quickly, otherwise, your troop losses will be big.

Continue to use the cannons to eliminate the fort defenders from a safe distance, your allies will try to enter the fort, so you do not need to get in with the Panzers. If the allied troops do not manage to enter the fort, then it is time to attack.

With the conquest of the fort. A short cutscene will introduce you to the next stage of the mission.

There seems to be an underground tunnel that is connecting the fort to the rest of the garrison in Tobruk. You have to assemble a team of 5 soldiers, do not forget to equip them properly with grenades, machine guns, and ammo and bring to the meeting place marked with a red circle on the map.

When your infantry gets into the tunnel, another movie shows how a Stuka bombs the tunnel and your soldiers are stuck on the other side.

Now you control the 5 soldiers who survived, alone behind the enemy lines.

Your objective is to survive and capture the fuel depot until Rommel’s troops arrive.

Near your soldiers, there are two unmanned armored vehicles that are guarded by a single British soldier.

Instruct your squad to enter them in order to use these vehicles against the English troops. The English defense in this sector consists of several machine guns and many infantry.

The fuel deposit is, in turn, guarded by a single armored vehicle that can easily be destroyed if you were able to capture the armor I told you.

The English soldiers will try to recover the fuel deposits, do anything in order to defend the fuel resources until Rommel’s assault succeeds.

Try to avoid fighting near fuel tanks to prevent them from exploding.

When Rommel’s troops break through British defense, the mission will end.

Victory! Tripoli is now in the hands of the Desert Fox and the Third Reich is victorious.


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