Infographic: 9 dangerous habits that can damage your liver


9 food habits that can damage your liver

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and is involved in many functions, such as digestion, metabolism, storage of nutrients, and the removal of toxins.

There are many foods and habits that can damage the liver:

1. Excessive sweets consumption

Too much sugar has a negative impact on the body, especially fructose, which is difficult to assimilate, being transformed into fat that is deposited on the organ, producing liver steatosis.

This is why moderate consumption of candy or confectionery containing sugar is indicated.

2. Sedentarism

This is the main cause of obesity. An obese person also has an increased risk of developing non-alcoholic steatosis and, ultimately, of cirrhosis. The risk is higher if overweight people suffer from diabetes.

It is important to remember that these liver disorders can be prevented by combating sedentarism and eating a healthy diet. That’s why it is very important to practice regular physical activities, regardless of their type.

3. Supplements in excess

Even if they have a beneficial role in the health of the body, taken in excess and especially without the recommendation of a doctor, vitamin supplements can cause liver disease. The most dangerous for the liver are vitamin A supplements.

4. Automation with analgesics

There are people who have the habit of taking analgesics without any medical recommendation and for any pain. Frequently taken without the recommendation of the family doctor, analgesics can destroy the liver.

Also excessive drug use, such as antidepressants, corticosteroids can cause liver damage

5. Excessive drinking

This is a real enemy of the liver. More specifically, alcohol absorption by the liver favors the appearance of fatty liver, inflammation of the liver and eventually the onset of cirrhosis.

6. Avoiding breakfast

Each person has a limited, low glucose reserve in the morning and if he does not eat anything at breakfast, the liver will not have the energy necessary for optimal functioning.

You should never omit breakfast because you will not get the energy you need for the activities scheduled on that day.

7. Salt in excess

Excessive salt intake increases blood pressure, but can also lead to certain liver diseases caused by water retention in the body.

8. Unhealthy food

Many foods are harmful to the body today.

Also, people’s habit of fasting, stressing, jumping over the main meals, and replacing healthy, home-cooked foods with fast-food can cause some liver-related complications.

9. Fizzy drinks

There are studies showing that a lot of carbonated beverages increases the risk of liver steatosis. It is advisable to avoid consuming these drinks and replace them with natural, home-made juices.




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