This girl knows more about mechanics than you


The vast majority of today’s girls stay in the house and play with dolls. But this little girl is the exception. It is good in life to know how to do something in every field. Who knows maybe the knowledge gained will be useful later. This little girl would have a brilliant future as a mechanic.
Today we will learn how to quickly and easily change engine oil to a 2013 Nissan to change oil car

First, lift the car with a jack, then use a newspaper to avoid making a mess on the floor when you have to drain the oil. Now is the time to fill the engine with the new oil. We hope this tutorial was to girlThe main purpose of the oil is to lubricate moving parts from a combustion engine. The main task of the oil is to ease friction between the metallic parts, but also to clean the motor, to contribute to the isolation, to combat rust and to cool the engine.


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