48 Donald Trump memes you should not miss


Donald Trump’s election as president of the US surprised the almost the entire planet.

Donald Trump memes appeared almost immediately after the first election results on all social networks.

Here are 48 Donald Trump memes you should not miss:

 1 Do you have the courage to say no?

Donald Trump memes 2 US future looks very good.

Donald Trump memes 3 And the winner is:

Donald Trump memes 4 Donald Trump:Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Donald Trump memes 2 5 Defeated at all the debates by a woman. Wins the elections

Donald Trump memes 6 Nazi and communist opinion about the president’s promises.

Donald Trump memes 7 We all know what happened with the commander who killed Jon Snow.Donald Trump memes8

Donald Trump memes9 Yes we have all heard, Islam is the problem. What’s your solution?

Donald Trump memes 10 Hitler about the US elections.

Donald Trump memes 11 You refuse? Donald Trump memes 12 The real reason that Donald Trump is building a wall on the border with Mexico.

Donald Trump memes 13 Yes boss, right away boss

Donald Trump memes14 Ned Stark: Brace Yourself

Donald Trump memes 15 In case you think that money can buy everything:Donald Trump memes16 I wonder how US foreign policy will evolve

Donald Trump memes 17 Best supporter of traditional marriage. A better candidate not to be found.

Donald Trump memes 18 You think Donald Trump is a successful businessman? Do you think he can Boost the US economy? He was not able to manage his own companies. Donald Trump memes19 How can a big loser win the presidency of the most powerful nation? In the US alone can happen.

Donald Trump memes 20 Racism triumphsDonald Trump memes21 We all know that Trump says many stupid things. Donald Trump memes21 For Haters

Donald Trump memes 22 Who is the bravest? What is your opinion?Donald Trump memes23 Grinch or Trump? Guess who is going to steal the Christmas?

Donald Trump memes 24 I found out who will guard the great wall on the border with Mexico.Donald Trump memes25 In case you ever feel stupid remember this:

Donald Trump memes 26 Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian immigrant. Wonder what the new president will do with him?Donald Trump memes27 I do not think the Mexicans will ever forgive you. Donald Trump memes28 Images from the kidnapping of the Liberty Statue

Donald Trump memes 29 Unfortunately, Donald Trump was elected president.

Donald Trump memes 30 The Darth Sith is celebrating Donald Trump’s victory.

Donald Trump memes 31 Sorry but you have not managed to eliminate anybody.

Donald Trump memes 32 Donald Trump’s plan for the administration in Washington. The change will be sudden and permanent.Donald Trump memes33 These elections will certainly go down in history.

Donald Trump memes34 Republican voter’s intelligence level is very low. The statements below are true.Donald Trump memes

35 Who said that the new US president does not care about the environment? Donald Trump memes36 Proof that big corporations control the entire World?

Donald Trump memes 37 Donald Trump’s plan against ISIS. I don’t think it will work.

Donald Trump memes 38 What the Americans really want from Donald TrumpDonald Trump memes39 Proof that ignorance can bring happiness.

Donald Trump memes 40 It’s time to leave for Canada.

Donald Trump memes 41 Americans when trying to cross the border with Canada. Canadians already have built a wall.Donald Trump memes42 Queen’s very upset. 007 is ready for a new mission.

Donald Trump memes 43 Donald Trump does not trust his own wife.Donald Trump memes 44 Grumpy Cat heard the news.Donald Trump memes45 Best Donald Trump memes.Donald Trump memes46 Two events that will remain in US history.Donald Trump memes47 Guess who enjoys the show in the US?Donald Trump memes48 Putin already has a gift for Donald Trump.

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