Command & Conquer: Generals is a real-time strategy video game where players take part in a global war on terror. If you want to be a bad guy, you have the chance to play with the terrorist faction in this game. Players can choose between 3 main factions (China, USA, and GLA). Each faction also has unique abilities and units.

If you played games like Company of Heroes 2, I bet you will also like Command & Conquer: Generals.

General observations:

– Money is very important in this strategy game. You have no money, you can not build new units and buildings. Very simple.

-Every upgrade of a unit or buildings costs money.

– Do not forget to upgrade all the units you build. In order to make an upgrade, left-click on the building that produces the unit and tick the necessary upgrades.

– besides upgrades, it is important to promote the general, the last rank is 7, with each rank you receive more fire support. Each type of fire support varies according to faction.

-China’s armies rely heavily on tanks, GLA troops are relying on stealth and mobility, the US military is somehow balanced.

– Of all armies, China has no professional snipers

-The USA has the most accurate aviation in the game, their airplanes are also fast and have a strong firepower.

– At the end of the campaigns in this game, all factions have access to weapons of mass destruction. GLA relies on chemical weapons, China uses nuclear weapons and the US has a laser gun.

I Command & Conquer: Generals China Missions walkthrough

Mission 1: The Dragon Awakes

Location: Beijing


1)Destroy the nuclear warhead storage facility

This mission begins with a grand parade of the Chinese army. Everything goes well until the GLA troops attacked and detonated a nuclear bomb. Your goal is to remove the existing GLA forces in Beijing in order to win the mission. The initial base has 8 nuclear reactors, a command center, a barracks, a tanks factory, and a supply center. Initial forces: 26 red guards and 3 flame tanks You have enough funds to build tanks. In the destroyed city, loyal forces will join if you can find them. You do not have to produce many tanks. 7 battlemaster tanks are enough for this first mission

Attack with the armor the GLA forces located South from the base and look after a bridge, remove the troops that defend that bridge. GLA troops defending the bridge are weak and do not represent an obstacle. Cross the bridge and wait, GLA troops will launch a counterattack, but your aviation will destroy them. Now all you have to do is attack the GLA base. You can avoid GLA troops by attacking the base from the rear, or you can attack directly to eliminate them all.

Once the building with the nuclear weapons is destroyed, the mission will end.

Mission 2: Hong Kong Crisis

Location: Hong Kong


1)Destroy the Convention Center and its attached parking structures to stop the terrorist threat.

Secondary objectives: Destroy the Toxin Tractor production facility

You start with many forces, but the GLA blows the bridge you cross and you lose many of your armor and soldiers. Forces at the beginning of the mission: 2 bulldozers, one tank, and a few soldiers. First, build the command center, then a supply center and many Gattling guns to defend your base. Gather cash while defending the base from terrorist attacks. When you have money you can start the great offensive against the GLA troops at the Convention Center.

You need more tanks with flamethrowers and normal tanks.

In the northern part of the city is a GLA gun manufacturer, destroy the building fast or the GLA will attack you with deadly toxin tractors. The fast solution is to promote your rank and choose artillery bombing. You can destroy the remote base. When you have enough cash, build 20 battlemaster tanks and 3 flame tanks. Use transport from the south to attack the terrorist base by surprise. After destroying buildings with flamethrowers you can launch a frontal attack. If the flame-throw attack fails, you can launch another attack. The only danger to your tanks are the bomb cars.

Mission 3: A flood of violence

Location: Three Gorges Dam


1)Destroy the dam

2)Destroy the GLA base

With the forces you have at the beginning, attack the dam and destroy it quickly. This will slow the GLA for a while. After that, you have to quickly build your base. West of your initial position is a refinery and an oil well. Capture both buildings for the necessary income. Build the base near them. Rapidly build an airport and a tanks factory. Before the GLA troops cross the river you need to build 10 defense tanks and 4 Mig airplanes. At promotions tick off artillery bombs and field mines. Once you have established your defense, you can start an offensive against the GLA base on the other side of the river located in the South. Here are two solutions: aerial attack or ground attack. If you choose an air attack, build two more airports and eight planes. If you want to attack the base by land: build 30 tanks.

Mission 4: Broken Alliances

Location: Tanggula Mountains


1)Destroy the GLA`s stinger sites

Secondary objective: capture the war factory

To win this mission you must destroy 5 GLA stinger sites so that your aviation can safely bomb the enemy’s chemical plant. Their positions can be seen on the mini-map. At first, you rely only on infantry support to destroy the first 3 positions. With the help of Black Lotus, capture the weapons factory. Build 20 battlemaster tanks and attack the GLA base to the north. After destroying the base, cross the bridge to the east and reach the factory. You can destroy the last buildings only with the flamethrowers.

Mission 5: Scorched Earth

Location: Balykchy


1)Destroy the GLA locations and the main base

The objectives of this mission are clear. You must clean the city of all terrorist troops. Start with a well-equipped base: airport, Gatling guns, and supply center. Build 4 Mig aircrafts and a tanks factory. Do not forget about the rankings: Choose the artillery bombing to hit the terrorist troops. Do not forget that Americans can help you with heavy air bombardment. You can access it by clicking on the airport. Starting with this mission, you can build the heavy armor of the Chinese army: Overlord tanks. They are almost indestructible. With 4 such tanks go west on the mini-map and conquer the oil wells for extra funds. With another 4 an attack starts in the north. Use the aviation to disrupt enemy defense before land attacks. The main base you have to destroy is in the North West on the minimap.

Mission 6: Dead in their Tracks

Location: Bishkek


1) Get Black Lotus to the middle of the train bridge

For the success of this operation, it is vital that Black Lotus reach the bridge in order to destroy it. You start with a War Factory a Barrack and three hackers. Use hackers to generate money. You will need it. GLA will try to destroy your base with the angry mob. In this mission, it is impossible to replace lost buildings so take care of the ones you have. You need 3 flame tanks to destroy the stadium from where they come to stop them. With flamethrower tanks, you can open a path to the bridge. Destroy all stinger sites along the track to succeed. This way you have a free access path. Then you can send Black Lotus to destroy the bridge. Black Lotus will sabotage the bridge and stop the train with the GLA reinforcements.

Mission 7: Nuclear Winter

Location: Dushanbe


1)Establish a base and capture resources

2)Defeat the GLA

With the forces you have, destroy the GLA base located east of the initial position. Be careful not to lose the two Overlord tanks, you need them later. After you destroy the GLA base, quickly begin to build a new base. Initial resources are few, for more cash try to train hackers as quickly as possible. To finish the mission you need 3 airports and 10 Overlord tanks. You need to consolidate the base quickly because the terrorist troops will attack you with their whole arsenal (car bombs, terrorists, rebels, RPG infantry, quad cannons, chemical tractors, and tanks). Until you can reinforce your forces you must resist these GLA offenses. Choose a strategic position north of the base height. Do not enter the town because your troops are vulnerable at this stage. To destroy all the enemy buildings of 3 options: aerial attack, nuclear attack or full-scale attack. If you choose the aerial attack you need to use the forces from all three airports. If you choose the nuclear attack, build several nuclear reactors and 3 rocket launchers (5000 $ each) and remotely removes GLA buildings. The simplest way is a full-scale attack with all your weapons. There are two enemy bases: one in the city and one in the mountains in the north. Attack the city base then go to the mountains where the headquarters of the GLA troops are located. This is the last mission of the Chinese campaign. The Chinese troops are now marching victoriously.

II Command & Conquer: Generals GLA missions walkthrough

Mission 1: Black Rain

Location: Shymkent


1) Destroy the Chinese base

2) Destroy the dam

You start the mission with these forces. Do not use car bombs to destroy the Chinese base. Keep them to use them later in the mission.

Attack the base with tanks and technicals.

When you destroy the enemy base, your forces will be moved to the GLA base in the mountains. The next objective is to destroy the dam to win the mission. If you want to finish the mission very fast you can attack the dam with the car bombs directly, there is a very little defended pass that leads straight to the dam. There is also the option to attack all Chinese forces and destroy them.

Secret way to the dam

Secondary Objective: Cross this bridge with a car bomb and on the other side you will find more technical, you may want to use them.

Mission 2: Air Supplies Drop Zone

Location: Almaty


1)Collect 40000$ in stolen supplies

2)Collect 20000$ from UN convoys

Begin the mission with this base and these resources. To get more, you have to get the American convoys with supplies in the ambush. There are two methods: either attack them with tanks or put landmines on their routes.When you get $ 20,000, the Americans will call for reinforcements in the area, where their first base is. You can build 20 tanks and try to conquer it. Enable missile tanks for maximum efficiency. After 20,000 Americans will bring supplies by air. You can knock down US airplanes with the Quad Cannons. Use the Arms Dealer to produce more anti-aircraft guns. After $ 30,000, Americans set up another base. If you want to finish the mission, continue to knock down their aircraft.

Mission 3:

Location: Astana


1)Destroy all civilian buildings and gather 40000$

With the three units of angry mob from the beginning, destroy the buildings and police forces in the south of the city. Build barracks, arms dealer, and palace with the money raised. When you build 5 tanks and 5 units of angry mob you can resume the offensive. Destroy the American base in the northwest to eliminate the American reinforcements. The Chinese base is better defended, but the buildings contain a lot of money, so it’s good to attack it as soon as possible to finish the mission quickly. Beware of dragon tanks that are dangerous for angry mobs.

Mission 4: Incirlik Air Base

Location: Adana, Turkey


1)Destroy the American air base

Your original base is located in the hills. Start by building stinger sites to defend it from US aviation attacks. While repelling the aerial attacks, build tanks and rocket launchers. When you stop an air strike, take advantage of the opportunity and attack the air base before the Americans regroup their forces. Cross the bridge to get to the American airport quickly. When you destroy all enemy buildings, the mission ends. The American base is defended by patriot missiles so it is wise to build many Scorpion tanks before assaulting it.

Mission 5:

Location: West Aral Sea


1)Capture 4 bunkers and wipe out all American defenders

You need money for this mission. To get it they build 4 black markets to solve financial problems. When Americans discover your base, the attacks will begin. It is best to take the two bridges that Americans use to block them on the island. Once you capture the bunkers outside the island and inside, remove all the American forces. I’ve used the bomb cars in full to destroy the Americans. They are expensive but they have great power of destruction. And another big advantage of these weapons is the camouflage, they can reach the target without being detected.

Mission 6:

Location: Lenger


1)Eliminate all the traitors

These are your initial forces. Initially, there are three Chinese nuclear bombs. Go with them to the rebel base and position them strategically as quickly as possible. When you’re ready, press the detonation button on all three. Some of the rebel forces will be destroyed, but because the GLA base will not be completely destroyed by nuclear explosions.

In order to destroy the rebel base, build at least 30 Scorpion tanks, this way the chance for a successful attack will be good enough.

Mission 7: Baikonur


1)Capture Rocket Launch gantry

2)Capture the Ground Control building

To accomplish the objectives of the mission, you must destroy the Chinese base in the north and the American base in the east of your base. To safely capture the objectives of this mission, you must eliminate all hostile forces. Begin to build your base, you need cash from the black markets. Because it’s your last mission, you can now command the whole arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Use bomb trucks to weaken enemy resistance. First, destroy the weaker Chinese base. The US base is sheltered by 2 rocket launchers. You can eliminate them with bomb cars, the rest of the base should be easily neutralized. When you get to the rocket, use quad cannons to knock down the Chinese Mig airplanes. Now you can capture the two strategic objectives with rebels. Mission accomplished.

III Command & Conquer: Generals USA Missions walkthrough

Mission 1: Operation Final Justice

Location: Baghdad


1)Destroy all forces

2)Destroy the Scud Storm

Because it is the first mission, the degree of difficulty is very low. GLA troops are weak and many of them are technicals, which can be taken down with Crusader tanks. Eliminate the terrorist threat from the city, then lead your tanks to the mountains where the Scud Storm is located. If you lose tanks you can replace them. The base is well-equipped.

Mission 2:

Location: Al Hanad


1) Rescue all captured pilots

2) Return them safely to base

Your base has all the facilities in the beginning. Nearby there are 2 oil wells. Capture them quickly for money and defend them. GLA troops rely on rocket launchers, technicals, and some tanks to defend the city. To begin with, build 30 Crusader armor. Two of the pilots are in the city. The 3rd pilot is located on a hillside, sheltered by two stinger sites, rebel soldiers and several tanks. GLA terrorists will constantly attack your base, to defend it, it’s enough to build Patriot rackets around.

Mission 3: Operation Guardian Angel

Location: Northern Kazakhstan


1)Ensure the evacuation of 100 US troops

Your airbase is located on a hill. You need 14 helicopters and 4 stealth jets to secure an efficient aerial cover for the retreating American troops. For more income, train 4 ranger soldiers, and transport them with Chinook helicopters to the oil wells located South-East.

GLA troops will try to destroy the base to stop the air bridge. You can build patriotic rockets or use helicopters to decimate their forces. In this mission, you don’t have access to heavy armor.

Mission 4: Operation Storm Bringer

Location: Kazakhstan coast


1)Destroy the Stinger Sites

2)Destroy the GLA base located in the hills

Your mission begins with an amphibious invasion. You will not be able to access other reinforcements at the start so take great care with the losses. You have 4 tomahawk missiles that you can use to destroy enemy buildings from a distance. Stinger missiles are located north of your position. After destroying the stinger sites you will get the necessary reinforcements. Quickly build a base and an army of Crusader and Paladin tanks. GLA will soon start the attacks. To make this mission easier you need to build 2 airports and 8 stealth planes. Attack with the stealth planes all the stinger sites left and the GLA buildings. The last GLA base is on a hill. You have to destroy it in order to win this mission.

Mission 5: Operation Blue Eagle

Location: Kabara City


1)Prevent the GLA from establishing a river base

2)Destroy the main GLA base

Rapidly cross the bridge with the forces you have at the beginning and eliminate the GLA opposition before they can manage to build their base, do not immediately destroy the stinger site next to the GLA command center. Build tanks and snipers and cross the bridge. When you think you’re ready you can destroy the stinger site. GLA troops will blow the dam in the air and your troops will be cut off from the base. You have to build another base on the other side of the river. Consolidates the new base and destroys the last GLA base near the destroyed dam.

Mission 6: Operation Desperate Union

Location: Southern Kazakhstan


1)Destroy the main GLA Base

In this mission, you have to face two enemy bases (Chinese and GLA). Both are well-equipped. Your base is very weak at first. Build 3 Chinooks for cash supply. You need Crusader tanks and snipers because the combined chino-GLA troops will start the attack. Make the maximum upgrade to A-10 Warthog to hit enemies from a distance. For cash build four drop zones. To make this mission easier, an airport is needed. I attacked the GLA base after the Chinese one. You can attack them in what order you want. The enemy defense must be weakened by aviation before attacking with tanks. The mission ends when all enemy buildings are destroyed.

Mission 7: Last Call

Location: Akmola


1) Destroy all GLA units and structures

US forces are about to give the final assault on the GLA capital. Terrorist troops are well fortified in the city. The enemy is at the gates of the city and is ready for defense. And inside the city, the terrorist army is well entrenched on a hill. To begin with, consolidate the base and defend yourself against GLA counterattacks. You need snipers and Crusader tanks. GLA will use terrorists, RPG troops, and angry mobs in large part, from time to time will attack with tanks and technicals. Builds two airports and attacks the GLA buildings. When you destroy all anti-air defense, assault the city with 50 Crusader tanks. The assault should succeed. You will suffer a few losses because the city is full of stealth anti-tank traps. If you have patience you can identify these traps with snipers.Congratulation! This is the last mission in the Command & Conquer Generals.

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