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Who said it: Vladimir Putin or Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin, two leaders who have left their mark forever in Russia's history. Whether you are studying the history of this great country or looking at external news, it is impossible not t... Read More

Quiz! What do you know about Mark Twain?

Mark Twain is one of the great writers of American literature, whose works are a source of inspiration for many important literary works. Do you think you know everything about this famous writer? Then try this... Read More

5 newest countries in the world

In 2014, the Scots were faced with a big decision about the direction of their region. If they had decided to separate, they would have become the newest state in the world. Looking at the recent history of... Read More

General knowledge quiz: Greek mythology

The Greeks have always been known for their culture. Within this culture, Greek mythology stands out, which later years served as a basis for the Roman gods. Discover how much knowledge you have about this cult... Read More

Top 10 weirdest concepts ever made by Audi

  1 Audi Type KAt the Berlin Motor Show, Audi (then the Auto Union), presented the Audi Type K Stromlinien Versuchswagen. A type Streamline car, which subsequently inspired many models with aerodynamic ... Read More

100 famous Winston Churchill quotes

   Winston Churchill (b. November 30, 1874 - d. January 24, 1965) was a British politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in World War II. Often praised as one of the greatest leaders of war of the... Read More

36 interesting facts about Russia

Russia, the land of Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Stalin and Putin is even more surprising than I thought. Here are the most interesting facts about Russia you probably never knew. 1 Tsar Peter the Great (1682-1721)... Read More

12 facts you need to know about Germany

1  Germany is the fifth country in area in Europe with a total area of 357000 km square2 The world’s tallest cathedral is in Ulm.3 With a population of 80 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populated coun... Read More

Amazing facts you need to know about Austria

From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Schönbrunn Palace, Austria is filled with a rich history, beatifull mountains and rich culture. Here are 15 interesting facts about Austria you need to know. 1 The Austrian fl... Read More

10 interesting facts about North Korea

1 In North Korea, the year is 105, not 2015.The Korean calendar begins with the year of Kim Il-Sung's birth2In North Korea marijuana is legal and is not considered a drug 3 Official North Korea is no longer ... Read More