40 interesting facts about Bill Gates you probably didn’t know



Bill Gates alongside Steve Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most important people in the IT industry. Without him, many advances in this area would not have been possible. Due to the important role that he had in him the computer revolution, the founder of Microsoft and has been for 15 years in the first position among the richest people in the world. Bill Gates is also known for his charitable works, thanks to the help given by the great billionaire it is estimated that six million people were rescued. Here are some interesting facts that you probably do not know about Bill Gates:facts about Bill Gates infographic

1 He was born in 1955 in the US city of Seattle, Washington.

2 Bill Gates was first arrested at the age of 19 years by police in Albuquerque Police Department for excessive speed and because he didn’t have a license.

3 Bill Gates first met with Paul Allen at Lakeside School in Seattle.

4 As of 2017, Bill Gates has a net worth of 86 billion dollars

5 In 2004 he predicted that spam will disappear in two years. We all know what happened.

6 Remember the ice bucket challenge in 2014? Bill Gates then accepted the challenge from Mark Zuckerberg.

7 As of 2013, Bill Gates has donated over 28 billion dollars to charity.

8 In 2013 during an interview, he admitted that CTRL + ALT + DELETE was a mistake.

9 According to a list made by the famous Forbes magazine, Bill Gates remains the richest man in the world in 2017.

10 Since 2014, Bill Gates is no longer the majority shareholder at Microsoft. The famous billionaire owns only 2.5% of the shares of the company he founded.

11  He began his studies at the prestigious Harvard University in 1973, but two years later he interrupted his studies.

12 In the same year when he interrupted his studies, Bill Gates with Paul Allen founded the famous company Micro-Soft.

13. He became a billionaire in 1987 at the age of 31 years. By comparison, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has reached this state at age 23.

14 Bill Gates had a great weakness for a game: Minesweeper. He was so addicted that sneak into the office of a colleague to play.
15 Bill Gates receives 40-50 emails every day.

16 Gates has intentionally modified the distribution program of students per class so that he be assigned in classes with beautiful girls.

17 His private jet is worth 40 million dollars.

18 In 1999 his net worth surpassed 100 billion dollars for the first time. He lost a part of this fortune a year later.

19 He is an avid collector of Porsche cars.

20 Gates met his future wife for the first time in 1987. At that time Melinda was working at Microsoft.

21 He likes to wash the dishes every night.

22 If Bill Gates was a country, it would be the 66 richest countries in the world. His net worth is equivalent to the GDP of Ukraine in 2016.

23 His children will only inherit 10 million dollars each and the remaining fortune will be donated to charity.

24 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spend more money every year for global healthcare than WHO(World Health Organisation)

25 Bill Gates can buy free and unlimited food from McDonald’s because he owns a special Gold Card.

26 He reads 50 books every year.

27 Bill Gates believes that “Business Adventures,” written by John Brooks is the best business book.

28 For a short time, he was ranked 3rd in the Forbes richest people in the world list.

29 If Bill Gates could donate $ 10 to all 7.5 billion people on Earth, he will remain with $ 11 billion.

30 Gates, Paul Allen founded a company when they were still students at Lakeside School in Seattle. The company name was Traf-O-Data 8008.

31. What could a billionaire like him wish? His biggest wish is not to die.

32 According to Gates, if Microsoft wasn’t successful, he considered working as a researcher in artificial intelligence.

33 Despite his huge success, Bill Gates has a big regret: he doesn’t know any foreign language.

34 In an interview, the billionaire said that robots should be taxed exactly like people.

35 In 2010, Gates and his friends Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett signed the “Gates Giving Pledge,” promising to give half of their wealth to charity.

36 In 1998 Belgian actor Noel Godin attacked Bill Gates with cake.

37 It is estimated that six million people were rescued by donations made by Gates.

38 At the age of 17 years, Bill Gates won 4,200 dollars after he sold his first computer program.

39 If Bill Gates drops a $100 bill, it literally is not worth his time to

40 He has an IQ score of 160.






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