Best comedy movies of 2016 you need to see



We all need to see a comedy occasionally in order to escape from routine. That is why we prepared a list of the best comedy movies of the year. If you want to laugh you really need to look at these comedies:

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Deadpool

We open our list of the best comedies this year with Deadpool. The hero is part of the Marvel Universe and first appeared in comics in the 90s Compared to the Marvel heroes that have accustomed us, Deadpool out of the box. It seems rather anti-hero. Unstable, neurotic, speaks continuously and tell bad jokes, but this definitely this character will make you laugh.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Zootopia

Regardless of age, it’s impossible not to like animations, especially those well made. Zootopia is a Disney animation,  the production and the directing team includes people who have worked on films like Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen or Big Hero 6. The film starts with a great advantage from the start, plus the voices of actors Ginnifer Goodwin as well, Idris Elba or Jason Bateman. The story brings to a society where animals have human traits and live like humans. They have jobs, money, clothes, institutions and, of course, criminals

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Everybody Wants Some

We know that you’ve lived your dream of a rebellious teenager who feels misunderstood by adults and simply wants to get rid of their authority to do what he can think. Maybe you have not got over that stage. In any case, the film really deserves a portion laugh in a weekend evening. Bonus: everyone is dressed in the style of 70s and 80s.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – How To Be Single

Maybe going through a painful breakup and do not feel like eating nothing but chocolate and crying. Well, that’s not even the best strategy, and even if everything passes with time, it might be a good idea to give you a little push. If you’re not the adventurous type neither have plans to become, you can at least amuse yourself how others do. The comedy ” movie “How To Be Single” is surprisingly successful, and in addition, you get to see the actress in Fifty Shades of Grey playing a role.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Dirty Grandpa

There is a very good reason why you should see this film: Robert De Niro. And if you’re a girl and you like blue eyes, Zac Efron plays an important role. The jokes in this movie revolve obviously about sex, and we are dealing with a grandparent anxious to resume his adventures, after years of abstinence. Dick, grandfather, and Jason, grandson, is the most atypical pair of grandparent-grandchild: While grandpa is ready to take on new life in the chest and tip the young nephew dress and behave as if already retired. Yeah, laugh, look at the film.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Hail, Caesar!

The film is set in the 50s and focuses on the story of a man named Eddie Mannix, whose job is to ensure that Hollywood stars do not prejudice his image due to drug abuse, illicit affairs or other behaviors unacceptable. The likes of Mannix were usually chosen from among the major studios and private detectives were supposed to keep them away from the actor’s scandal by any means possible. Some of these practices aimed at illegal surveillance through speakers, intimidation and bribing witnesses. It is a comedy and has some unusual trend tragedy, so worth it.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Ghostbusters III

Over 30 years after the original film, Paul Feig returns with a reboot of the franchise that, this time, the protagonists are women.

The story begins pretty much like the original, with the city being attacked by unknown forces that bring together three girlfriends that form a team of ghost hunters.

The film is full of funny scenes and kept exactly the theme of the two original movies.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – The Secret Life of Pets

The producers of the film “Despicable Me” are preparing to give a new hit in cinema. The new cartoon follows the secret life of pets and is undoubtedly another great animation. The action takes place in an apartment in Manhattan and the main character is Max, a terrier.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Sausage Party

This animation may look innocent but it is not for kids, adults may appreciate it. It is the first R-rated animated film and the action revolves around a sausage that wants to know the purpose of his life. And of course, what happens when it chose to leave the supermarket.

The best comedy movies of 2016 – Kung Fu Panda 3

Of course, Kung Fu Panda could not miss from the list of best comedies in 2016. After successfully defending the Peaceful Valley by the evil Lord Shen, Po the peaceful and hungry panda relaxes and enjoys the victory. But this quiet period will not last very long because a supernatural force threatens to destroy the Kung fu spirit. Po will have to get back into action to save again the Peaceful Valley. Certainly, an animation that is worth seeing.


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