Best car commercials for Super Bowl 2017. What’s your favorite?



The final game of the Championship National Football League (NFL) along with concerts and festivities make up the Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest sporting event in the United States. It became a national holiday, the professional American football game is the most watched program on US television. Best rated singers sing during the Super Bowl and in the opening ceremonies. Their performances have become true over time shows, artists are becoming more creative, being aware of a large number of viewers.

Super Bowl is a really extraordinary opportunity for the most popular brands on the planet to expose their newest commercials. Auto manufacturers could not miss this great opportunity to promote their cars.

Every year, car manufacturers operating in the US design a series of ads for the Super Bowl.

There are manufacturers who over time have abandoned these dedicated Super Bowl spots, while others still rely on the exposure of the day.

Let’s look together at the most successful auto manufacturers commercials for Super Bowl 2017:

Audi – “Daughter”

The main character in this commercial is a girl who wins a kart race. The message is very emotional.

Mercedes – “Easy Driver”

After a year of pause, Mercedes hopes to great blow at the Super Bowl. The company expects demand for the new convertible will double, due to the commercials.

Ford – “Go Further”

Ford wants to show us that he is the great ally of mobility.

Lexus – “Man and Machine”

Buick – “Not So Pee Wee Football”

Miranda Kerr appears in the advertisement for the new Buick SUV Encore alongside Cascada convertible. This commercial is very funny.

Honda – “Yearbooks”

Japanese manufacturer Honda promotes its new CR-V through a journey in time and with the help of celebrities. Jimmy Kimmel and Stan Lee are in this advertisement.

Kia – “Hero’s Journey”

Toyota – “Let’s Go Places”

Hyundai – “A better Super Bowl”

Michelin – “I need you”

Alfa Romeo – “Riding dragons”


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