Ancient Rome quiz: test your knowledge!


The hardest Ancient Rome quiz you will ever take.

Ancient Rome had an unparalleled historical evolution in ancient history, starting from a marginal town in the Italian peninsula to a universal empire.
Rome has created over the course of six centuries a vast empire that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Mesopotamia in the east, and from Scotland to the north, to the south of Egypt, unifying most of the civilized world since then. Studying the history of ancient Rome cannot be limited to Italy’s unification and military conquests. Also, social, cultural, scientific, religious, political and economic developments must be pursued. The flourishing Roman civilization knew how to impose its language, religious beliefs, law, and art throughout the empire.
Also, the Romans adopted the Greek civilization, which they enriched and adapted to the practically Roman spirit by transmitting it through the Romanic peoples.
Roman influence can be easily observed today in legal codes, literature, architecture, medicine, art, sports and many other areas.

Here are some interesting facts about the important contribution of the Romans for the evolution of humanity:

I. Did you know that the first newspaper in the world was created in 59 B.C at the orders of Julius Caesar? It was called Acta Diurna and it shared news and details about important events.

II. The Roman Judicial System is still the most important source of inspiration for many states around the World.

III. The Romans laid the foundations of the modern concept know as “balance of power” their government system was well structured and every magistrature was collegial. Maybe you wonder why? The Romans thought that this is the best solution for preventing the abuse of power.

IV Last but not least, the Romans were pioneers in construction. From roads linking the most important cities to aqueducts and baths. These infrastructure projects have contributed to the development of new construction techniques. Let’s not forget that the Romans were the ones who perfected the concrete.


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