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 Want to learn 50 amazing facts about Japan? Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, a country where the technology is upgraded with an amazing speed. At the same time, the Japanese did not forget to respect their traditions. For many Westerners, the “Land of the Rising Sun” is still full of mysteries. The unique culture of this country, shocks and at the same time inspire admiration for many people. We present you 50 amazing facts about Japan you probably didn’t know:

1 Because of a controversial law that was passed in 1948, night dancing has become illegal. The ban remained in force until 2015 when after a petition it was lifted.facts about japan: night dance ban2 The biggest McDonalds chain restaurant outside the US is in Japan: 3000 fast foods.McDonalds in Japan3 We consider the black cat a symbol of bad luck. The Japanese believe that the black cat brings good luck.facts about japan: black cats bring luck4 Have you ever wondered how many earthquakes occur in Japan every year? Answer: 1500japan earthquakes every year5 The Japanese celebrate Christmas with products from KFC, their favorite fast food.kfc christmas in japan6 Because the Japanese use a different system compared to Western countries, most streets don’t have names.streets without names in Japan7 Did you know that in Japan there is an island for rabbits? It’s called Ōkunoshima. The tourists who visit the island annually can feed them.Japan islands for rabbits8 Because of the high rate of suicide (2000 people), the Japanese authorities have built a fence around Mihara volcano.facts about japan: mihara volcano9 To follow them on bikers who broke the laws, Japanese police use paintball guns. Paint make the pursuit much easier.facts about japan: police use paintballs10 The Japanese have crazy ideas when it comes to traffic problems. A highway passes through a building in Osaka.facts about Japan: highway through building11 The birth rate is so low in Japan, that the number of children is smaller than the number of pets.

12 The Japanese community in Brazil is the largest outside Japan (1.4 million people with all descendants). Most of them concentrated around the city of Sao Paolo.Brazil: biggest Japanese community in the world13 Did you think the Japanese hunt whales for food? Wrong, most are hunted for research.

14 According to a 2015 WHO report, life expectancy in Japan is 83.7 years. The secret of longevity lies in a predominantly healthy diet that includes a lot of fish, rice, vegetables, and portions are small. By comparison, life expectancy in Canada is 82.2 years.Facts about Japan: life expectancy15 Phone addiction is a real problem in Japan. Precisely for this reason, 90% of phones are protected against water, because the Japanese use them in the shower.

16 920 Japanese officials were executed after the war crimes trials at the end of WWII.

17 The first nuclear reactor in Japan was opened in 1966. The Japanese have imported the necessary technology from USA, Canada, France, Australia and South Africa.Japan first nuclear reactor18 Japan is one of the largest importers of coffee in the world. In 2015, the value of coffee imports reached $ 1.6 billion.coffee beans19 Have you ever wondered where is the oldest company in the world? Answer: Osaka, it’s called Kongo Gumi. This business was founded in 578 d.Hr and has continued its activity until 2006 when it was taken over by another company.Kongo Gumi construction company 20 Do you like cats? In Japan, there are special cafes where you can play with cats.

21 Even if transport infrastructure is very advanced, the crowd in Japanese trains is normal. There are people employed especially to squeeze people into trains.

22 Where is the smallest escalator in the world? Answer: Japan.shortest escalator in the world23 Japan has produced 25 Nobel Prize winners. First Japanese researcher won the award in 1949.Japan has produced 25 Nobel Prize winners.24 It took a week to plug a huge hole on a street in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Now that’s efficiency.Giant hole Japan fixed in one week25 The Japanese Multinational company Kyocera, began construction of the world’s largest floating solar farm. The works will be completed in 2018. It is estimated that the 50,000 solar panels will supply 5,000 households with electricity.

26 Japanese use every year 24 billion pairs of chopsticks.

27 In 2015, 9.3 million cars were assembled in Japan.Japan car production: 9.3 milion cars28 In 2015, Japan’s maglev train set a new speed record of 603 km/h. In 2015, Japan's maglev train set a new speed record of 603 km/h.29 Japanese homeless in Tokyo prefer to sleep in Internet cafes because it’s cheaper than to rent a house.

30 There is a hotel, where all the employees are robots. At the reception, you are greeted by a dinosaur.

31 Japan aims to build the fastest supercomputer in the world. For the success of this project, 173 million dollars will be invested.

32 In Japan, there are approximately 5 million vending machines(1 vending machine for 23 people). You can even buy underwear at the vending machines.Vending machines in Japan 33 According to Bussiness Insider, Japan ranks first in the world to the total number of robots: 310508 in 2012.Facts about Japan: total number of robots34 Japan has 8050 km of highway. By comparison, Germany has 12917 km of highways.

35 During the Second World War, the Japanese auto companies of today: Toyota and Nissan have produced trucks, airplanes, and engines for the Japanese Imperial Army.

36 The aging population and low birth rate is a serious problem. According to some estimates, by 2050 Japan’s population will reach 100 million. And the elderly population will reach 35% of the total.

37 Japan’s debt to GDP ratio is the biggest in the world: 250%.

38 In 2016, Japan had an estimated share of 4.14% of the Global GDP. In this classification, Japan is No. 4 in the world after India.

39 According to UNESCO, Japan invested approximately 3.6% of its GDP in research and development in 2016.Researchers_in_laboratory40 In case you did not know, the famous emoji are a Japanese creation. Emoji first appeared on Japanese phones in the 90s.

41 Inuyama Castle is the oldest castle in Japan. The initial construction was completed in 1440.Oldest castle in Japan42 The average IQ in Japan is 106.

43 Approximately 70% of the surface of Japan, is represented by mountains.

44 During the Second World War, the Japanese have built the largest submarine ever. Baptized, I-401 class, the submarine was capable of transporting 3 planes and they were launched by a catapult. A revolutionary technology for that period.Japan's largest submarine during WWII45 The national flower of Japan is cherry blossom.Japan national flower46 Every year, 300,000 people climb the sacred Mount Fuji.Facts about Japan: climbing mount Fuji47 According to Global Firepower, the Japanese army has 678 tanks, by comparison, China has 9,150 tanks.Japanese number of tanks: 67848 Japan and Russia have not signed a peace treaty at the end of WWII because of the dispute over the Kuril islands.Japan and Russia dispute49 Did you know that Hiroshima was rebuilt in 10 years after the atomic bombing?

50Meat and fish are very cheap in Japan. However, fruit is very expensive. A square melon can cost 200$.Japan square melons










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