How these 10 robots will make your life easier


We all hear more and more often that robots are going to leave us without jobs.
This statement is not another story created by lovers of conspiracy theories, it is a reality. Factories are automated, autonomous delivery trucks are now common, and drones are now conquering the skies.
Even Elon Musk said, some time ago, that we should be afraid of the alert evolution of automation. But automation has not only negative consequences for society.
Several companies have developed robots that can really help people in their day-to-day activities, whether we’re talking about household activities and job tasks, whether we’re thinking about safety or public health. Below are some good examples:

1. the American company, Travelmate, created a suitcase that follows you wherever you go.The suitcase has a maximum speed of 10 km / h and its battery can last for 4 hours.
The GPS module also allows you to locate the suitcase in case you lost it.

10 robots that will make your life easier

2. We all know how unpleasant it is to waste time folding clothes. FoldiMate is a machine capable of folding and ironing all your clothes.Once the clothes are washed, all user has to do is to hang in FoldiMate and select the type (T-shirt or skirt) and the robot does the rest. The automatic machine will detect the texture of the material, the size if it is a long or short sleeve and will adjust the ironing and folding for each feature separately.
Price of this robot: 980 USD

3. Are you tired of washing the windows? Winbot then represents the solution to this problem.

Source: Tech Insider


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