James Bond vs reality: 9 most ridiculous myths about spies



Spies have always been victims of interpretations, so that, over time, there were all sorts of myths about them, from the way they dress to the “toys” they use in missions. Hollywood movies have greatly contributed to the creation of the main myths about spies. Have you ever wondered how much truth and how much fiction there is in these movies? Here’s the answer:

Spy myths
1.Myth: Spies always looks good

Reality: Spies look good sometimes, but the appearance is not an essential feature. Indeed, in some missions, it is preferable that an agent to be charming as James Bond, especially if they have to talk with members of high society.

Spy Myths
2. Myth: Spies drive only luxury cars

Reality: Spies driving cars that help them blend better. If, for example, attempts to infiltrate members of an exclusive club where everyone drives luxury cars, then surely it has a nice car. But if you have to drive on the streets of Moscow, then will lead a very old car.

Spy Myths 3
3. Myth: high-speed car chases are so frequent are so often that they became boring

Reality: High-speed car chases occur only if the mission did not go according to plan and should be abandoned. When a spy drives the car with over 160 km / h trying to get rid of dangerous pursuers, it means that the mission has failed.

Spy Myths 4
4. Myth: A powerful car can help a spy escape in every situation

Reality: You can not escape the drone weapons. Driving speed is not a guarantee that you are out of danger.

Spy Myths 5
5. Myth: A spy without permission may violate protocol to solve a mission

Reality: If a spy broke the protocol without permission and survived it will certainly be fired.

Spy Myths 6
6.Myth: Spies always have access to the most advanced gadgets
Reality: Sometimes films are inspired by reality, and sometimes reality is inspired by the movies. Sometimes the instruments used in movies are obsolete. But there are stories that the James Bond movie when it was first launched, the CIA director asked the department of science to create similar gadgets.
Spy Myths 8
7. Myth: A spy is often handcuffed and must escape

Fact: There's a reason spies are trained in techniques of escape and wrestling. They are trained to escape when they are handcuffed or tied. There are, however,  people who have worked for decades as spies and did not wear handcuffs even once.

spy myths #8
8. Myth: All spies have huge muscles

Reality: Many CIA agents did not look like Tom Cruise or Daniel Craig. Most of them do not jump out of airplanes and fight with terrorists.

spy myths 9
9.Myth: It's nothing to kill your opponent

Reality: civilized countries that have well-established agencies do not kill their opponents. Today if a spy is discovered and arrested, he becomes a bargaining chip for in discussions with the state that sent him. If the negotiations end successfully, an exchange of spies is going to be organized.


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