30 funny cat GIFs that will brighten your day


Cats are very popular on the internet. In fact, cats are believed to be the kings of the internet. Seriously! I mean, it looks like it is true.
The internet is full of hilarious moments with cats, funny moments that make us smile when we are stressed or just do not have a good mood.

Maybe you ask why cats are so special? 

Virtually all the possible things you can imagine! Being funny and very curious, they always look for new ways to keep themselves entertained and active. Even their owners are taken by surprise when they learn about their funny failures.
They climb on pieces of furniture, do things, they do not calculate distances very well, they hate to swim, they fight other animals or try to make new friends in totally unconventional ways.
Because funny cats are everywhere on the internet, I thought it would be a good idea to collect in this article several funny cat GIFs that I like and guaranteed to make you laugh hard. These cat GIFs are chosen by me personally and are the best and funniest!

1. Baby knocked out by a cat.
funny cat gifs 12. This is my box! Get out!two cats and one box3. Never neglect your cat. The owner found out why. cat revenge gif4. One cat, a laser. Time for bowling. bowling cat gif5. Cat or bear. Place your bets!6. Cat and printer. What can go wrong?cat scared by printer7. Cats are not ready for Robot Apocalypse.cats scared by robots8. Cat steals dog’s bed.

cat and dog fight for bed9. I hate this music. Stop it! You have no talent!cat doesn't like music10. Epic cat faceplant.Cat faceplant11. Why did the cat go up the ladder?Cat on a ladder12. Why cats are afraid of cucumbers?cat vs cucumber13. Do not bring the cat in the kitchen … too late!cat in the kitchen fail14. We all know what happens when cats discover their reflections.Cat vs mirror15. I told you not to watch horror movies!cat watching horror movie16. Future Rocky Balboa.best cat gifs17. Cat discovers the windshield wipers.cat vs rain sweeper18. Human! Give me food.cat begging for food19. I wonder how he managed to get in there?cats can enter anywhere20. Probably the laziest cat in the world.lazy cat21. Gravity, the great enemy of cats.

cats can't defy gravity22. Only in Russia can happen.cats in russia, from love to hate23. I will teach you a lesson.Dog surprized by cat24. Tom and Jerry in real life.

tom and jerry in real life25. Some cats are truly evil.

cats are evil26. When you’re caught in the act, but you have a secret weapon.when you get caught in the act27. Ninja cat in action.Ninja cat28. This is Sparta! Cat version.This is Sparta, cat version29. 3 cats, one dog, guess what is next? cat gifs that will make you laugh30. Guess who interrupts the yoga class?

Yoga and cats don't mix





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