24 important facts about the WannaCry virus


The WannaCry ransomware virus took the whole world by surprise and managed to provoke chaos. This virus once again proves how vulnerable computers and companies around the world are to cyber attacks. We also find that hackers are still improving their attack techniques and their threat has never disappeared. Here are 24 important facts about the WannaCry cyberattack:

I First attacks and mode of action


1. The first attacks took place on May 12th.

2. Originally it was believed that the virus was spreading through email attachments.

3. WannaCry is classified as ransomware. A Ransomware is a malicious program that infiltrates a device (computer, server, smartphone) and encrypts all files in storage, virtually blocking users from accessing them. But the program does not stop here: after encrypting the files, it displays a message telling the victim that if he wants to use his device again, he has to pay in order to recover the files.WannaCry: what you should know

4. For other cyber attacks, hackers used email addresses with suspicious attachments. But for WannaCry, there was no need for any user action to spread the virus.

5. The virus exploited a security vulnerability in older versions of Windows (XP, Vista).

6. The security breach that hackers used was originally discovered by the American NSA secret service.

7. Hackers were initially asking for $ 300 in the bitcoin currency. If you did not pay the requested amount within 7 days, the ransom value would double, and after another week the hackers would delete the data.

8. What happens if you pay the ransom? There is no guarantee that hackers will keep their word. There are many situations where data has been deleted, even if the reward has been paid.

II Countries and institutions affected and spreading speed

9. On the first day of the attack, 74 countries were affected including Russia, Germany, and Turkey.

10. According to Rob Wainwright, Chief of Europol, 200.000 computers have been infected in 5 days.Number of countries affected by Wannacry?

11. The WannaCry virus has disrupted activities in over 150 countries.

12. Russia is the most affected country. About 60% of all affected systems are in this country according to Kaspersky.

13. About 1.000 Russian Interior Ministry computers were affected by the WannaCry virus.

14. in the UK due to virus 16 hospitals were forced to temporarily interrupt their work and patients were relocated.

15. In France and Romania, WannaCry ransomware caused the temporary interruption of activity in the Renault and Dacia plants.Renault hit be WannaCry

16. FedEx, the US courier giant has reported problems with sending mail and delivering orders.

17. WannaCry has disrupted the work of Japanese companies Nissan and Hitachi, but it seems that the impact is minimal in this situation.

18. Many Chinese gas stations have stopped accepting card payments after their systems have been infected.

19. Because most software`s in China are pirated, the virus has spread here very quickly. Approximately 100.000 computers have been hit.

20. Which operating system was most hit by the WannaCry virus? Answer: Windows 7.

21. Marcus Hutchins, a cyber security expert in the UK, aged 22, succeeded in slowing down the virus’s expansion after buying an Internet domain.

III What do we know so far about hackers?

What do we know about the WannaCry hackers?

22. Despite the problems they have caused, the attackers have collected only $ 55.000.

23. Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the United States for the WannaCry virus.

24. North Korea is behind the biggest cybernetic attack this year according to the information of some specialists. But it is too early and the evidence is not enough to prove this suspicion.














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