20 funny news bloopers GIFs that will entertain you


 Television has been an endless source of funny moments and bloopers. Despite advances made by technology, they continue to appear, especially during live broadcasts. News bloopers can not be missed in the history of television. To the exasperation of the protagonists, they always make the audience laugh hard. There is no reporter or presenter who has not experienced anything unusual during the live broadcast.We present you 20 news bloopers GIFs that will make your day more beautiful:

1. Are you sure you did not forget something? This journalist deserves a prize for this reaction.

news bloopers gifs (1)2. Journalist vs snowplow. Guess who wins?

news bloopers gif(2)3. Blonde and fish, the perfect combination for a fail.

news bloopers: journalist fish fail4. Journalist scared during the live broadcast.

news bloopers gifs(4)5. Wrong place, wrong time.

news bloopers gifs(5)6. Live broadcast during a storm. What can go wrong?

news bloopers gifs(6)7. True fans, I hope their team won the match.

news bloopers gifs(7)8. Spiderman saves the situation. Or maybe not…

news bloopers spiderman fail9. Get out of the way!!! Too late.

news bloopers fail gif10. Do not send him to the war zone.

news bloopers bugs gif11. News Journal on Halloween. Guess what’s coming?

news bloopers gif(8)12. Who’s hiding under the journalist’s table?

dog interrupts news gif13. Mega fail or win?

BBC fail gif14. A little technical problem or colleagues wanted to laugh?

news bloopers gifs (9)15. This journalist is frightened by his own shadow.

journalist attacked by bugs gif16. Who said that laughter is not contagious?

journalist laughs live tv gif17. If you’re afraid of spiders do not look.

news bloopers gif(10)18. Reporter knocked by sled.

Journalist vs sled19. Do you think reporters are safe? Think again!

Reporter knocked by skateboard20. Just a little tarantula. I`m not scared.

news bloopers gifs

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/NewsBeFunny














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