10 useful sponge life hacks you should try


With little creativity and skill, many of the things we find in the home can have amazing uses. If you have a used sponge in your house, don’t throw them in the garbage can, learn how to recycle them. They can be very helpful in solving various household tasks.useful sponge life hacks

Here is one of the tricks: a wet sponge is first placed in a plastic bag and then in a freezer. The product obtained will easily compensate for the cooling pills in a freezer box. And the plants will enjoy a bigger spoil if before we pour the earth into a pot, we will first put a sponge. It will absorb the water while maintaining a favorable environment for our favorite flowers. The same happens when cutting a sponge like this in pictures and filling the ditches obtained with the desired seeds.

Source: Simple Tricks & Hacks


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